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Slimline SATA Cable, Slimline SATA Adapter - Manufacturing

eSATA Cable, SATA adapters, SATA ii cable Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing a full range of slimline SATA cable assemblies and adapters. The slimline SATA connector is defined and specified in SATA revision 2.6.  The advances in SATA 2.6 are substantial: an internal Slimline SATA cable and connector that enables SATA optical drives to be included in smaller form factors; an internal Micro SATA connector for 1.8" HDDs that facilitates SATA hard drives in Ultra Mobile PC applications; a mini SATA internal / external Multilane cable and connector that provides access for internal use in high bandwidth backplane designs, and also external uses in eSATA or xSATA protocols for high bandwidth external storage enclosures.

These new SATA specifications offer us new opportunities to meet the needs of our customers and the demands of the industry as a whole.

Slimline SATA Applications:


    Desktop PC
    Notebook PC
    Optical disk drive (ODD)


    Set top box
    Gaming equipment
    Optical disk drive (ODD)

 Slimline SATA Product Examples:

Slimline SATA to Right Angle

Slimline SATA to Straight SATA & Power

Slimline SATA to Straight SATA & Power

(LP-Left Polarization) SATA & Power Connector. Cable lengths 39"

Slimline SATA to Straight SATA & Power. Cable lengths 8"

Cable lengths 13.5"

The slimline SATA cables and connectors, the internal Micro SATA, and the Mini SATA, support new form factors, offering supperior functionality in small form factors, and foster efficiency-enhancing technologies throughout the industry. Most notably, the new features in the SATA 2.6 specification include the internal "slimline" cable and connector, which is aimed at providing SATA-based optical storage in smaller form factors.

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Older and newer SATA Cables are available. If you don't find the SATA cabling products you need, please contact us. Our specialists are ready to help you select or custom manufacture the right products for your application.

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