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Port Cables

Manufacturer of USB Port Cables, Video Port Cables, Serial Port Cables, Parallel Port Cable

Snap-In Port Cables

Snap-In-Port-CableOur new family of tooless "Snap-In Cables" features a unique design which allows these cables to be simply snapped into the any bulkhead without the use of tools or fasteners, producing a secure fit and clean look. One of the highest costs to any system builder or integrator is the assembly of the device. These "Snap-In Cables" are designed to significantly reduce the cost of assembly because no tools or fasteners are required. Our Patent Pending designed product, simply Snaps In to the properly sized bulkhead opening with no nuts or screws.

USB Port Cables

We manufacture the most expansive line of USB Port cables, including our unique Dual Port "A" female cable. We will customize to suit any application you specify. We can also change jacketing and molding materials for extreme environment or continuous flex applications. All cables are USB 2.0 compliant and fully tested.

Video Port Cables

We manufacture and market Video Analog & Digital Panel Mount Cables in SVGA, RCA, DVI, and HDMI configurations. Whatever your video connection might be, we either provide an "off the shelf" solution or will easily develop one for you.

Networking Port Cables

Our Cat6 panel and Fiber Optic cables offer the ideal solution for porting an industry standard motherboard or router to bezel of any faceplate. Whatever your networking connection might be, we either have an "off the shelf" solution or will easily develop one for you.

Serial and Parallel Port Cables

Our serial and parallel cables offer solutions for both legacy "bracket," drop in ports, as well as for designs optimized for front panel mounting. Whatever your serial application is we have an "off the shelf" solution or can develop one for you.

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