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OBD II Cables

J1962 Cables for the Automotive Industry

Our  company offers the best combination of quality and product selection and availability for OBD II Cables. The utilization of OBD2 has made possible the comprehensive emissions testing program currently employed in California.

Please see below some of our OBD 2 Cables / J1962 Cables for the Automotive Industry. You can count on us to offer cable, connectors and adapters that are designed and manufactured to exceed the parameters of this evolving standard.

OBD2 Cables - Standard and Custom Made:

Our Improved On Board Diagnostic Cables - OBD2 Cables

OBD II Male 
OBD II Male Straight 8 inch to a Blunt Cut End

Male Straight 8' to a blunt cut end OBD2  Cable

16 Conductor - 11760-03-300
9 Conductor - 11760-03-300-09



OBD II Y Passthrough Male to Female to a Blunt Cut End

Male to Female to a blunt cut end OBD2 Cable

16 Female Conductor -  11760-03-316
2 Female 9 Conductor - 11760-03-316-01
9 Female Conductor -  11760-03-316-09



OBDII Passthrough
 OBDII Passthrough Male to 2 Females Screw Mount Style

 Male to 2 Females "Screw Mount" Style




OBD II Right Angle
OBD II Male Right Angle 8 inch to a Blunt Cut End 

Male Right Angle 8' to a blunt cut end OBD2 Cable

16 Conductor -  11760-03-302
9 Conductor -  11760-03-302-09



OBD II Female 
OBD II Female to a Blunt Cut End

Female to a blunt cut end OBD2 Cable

16 Conductor -  11760-03-301
9 Conductor -  11760-03-301-09


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What is OBD II / OBD2 / OBD 2?
In the early 1980's the automotive industry employed the use of on board vehicle computers to collect and report on data that  relates to the mechanical status of the vehicle. This system is called the "On-Board Diagnostics" or OBD. Current  implementations of OBD utilize fast digital communications ports to facilitate the transfer of real time data used for diagnosing  trouble codes which allow for the rapid and accurate identification of problem issues within the vehicle.

In 1996 The OBD-II specification is made mandatory for all cars sold in the United States. OBD2 is an improvement over older  versions in both the functionality it facilitates and in standardization. Importantly OBD-II provides for a standardized connector and  its pin out schema, and messaging format. It also specifies a list of vehicle parameter to be monitored and how the data for each  should be encoded. The OBD-II also provides the framework for an extensible list of Diagnostic Trouble codes.

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