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Mini SAS to SATA Cables

For decades we have been at the forefront of emerging cable technologies for demanding data storage applications. The constant innovation in the industrial computing and storage industry fields requires correspondingly fast changing interconnects, i.e. cables and adapters. Over the years, we have spared no resources to keep up with the advancing technology and provide our customers with the very best SAS-SATA cables and SAS-SATA adapter solutions.

Mini SAS cables (iSAS) are a new generation of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) cables. The smaller connector design and the locking mechanism save space and insure reliable connections. On the other hand, SAS cables are marking a major milestone in the evolution of high-end storage products and the SAS architecture offers a new level of price/performance flexibility.  With our expert engineering and advanced tooling we enjoy significant performance advantages over the competition. We enjoy improved signal integrity, crosstalk isolation, reduced EMI, increased clocking accuracy, and longer supported cable lengths. 

Please review and choose from the following MiniSAS to SATA cable types available:

Mini SAS To 4X SATA Cable (Fanout)

Mini SAS To 4X SATA Fanout

 This Mini SAS/SATA cable / adapter is used for Mini SAS SFF 8087 to 4X SATA 7 pin connector applications, such as drive arrays, Mini SAS on  Controller… This is equivalent to  Molex 79576-3000 Series with Pin-out 2

.25 meters -


.5 meters -


1 meters -


Right Angle Mini SAS to 4X SATA cables

Right Angle Mini SAS Right Angle to 4X SATA Fanout

This is a unique SAS-SATA adapter cable,  perfect for cable routing in tight spaces. It takes advantage of our state-of-the-art Right Angle tooling facilitates.

.25 Meter -


.5 Meter -


1 Meter -




MiniSAS 4i Plug to MiniSAS 4i Plug Cable

Mini SAS 4i Plug to Mini SAS 4i Plug

 Mini-SAS Controller to Backplane Cable. This is equivalent to Molex 79576-210X series - Pin out 1

.25 Meter -


.5 Meter -


1 Meter -


Straight to Straight Sata Cable

Straight to Straight Sata Cable

 Straight connection cable to the motherboard, allows for advanced features such as hot plugging and Native Command Queuing.


1 inches -


20 inches -


24 inches -


18 inches -


28 inches -




Right Angle Connector (Right Polarization) to Straight Connector

Sata Cable, Right angle Connector Right Polarization to Straight Connector

 These right angle cables improve air flow and allow devices to connect to the motherboard in tight spaces.


18 inches -


10 inches -


Right Angle Connector (Left Polarization) to Straight Connector

Sata Cable Right Angle Connector, Left Polarization to Straight Connector

 Right angled design improves the flow of air inside the computer and allows connectivity even in very tight places.


12 inches -


18 inches -


28 inches -




Straight Right Angle (Right Polarization)

Sata Cable, Straight Right Angle, Right Polarization

 This cable design allows for quick and easy assembly and improved air flow.

12 inches -


18 inches -


Straight to Straight with Latch- Secure Cables

Straight to Straight with Latch, Secure Cables

 Latching cables adds a significant measure of security to the connection.


20 inches -


14 inches -




eSATA Straight to Straight Cables

eSATA Straight to Straight Cables

 eSATA or external SATA connects to external devices at triple the transfer rates of USB 2.0.


.25 meters -


.5 meters -


1 meter -


Internal Sata Power cables

Internal Sata Power cables

 They convert older style 4 pin Molex cables to supply power to your SATA devices.

6 inches -


10 inches -


Older and newer SATA Cables are available. If you don't find the SATA cabling products you need, please contact us. Our specialists are ready to help you select or custom manufacture the right products for your application.

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