Custom Wire Harnesses

Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Custom Cable Tooling, High Quality Cable and Wire Solutions

We manufacture custom wire harnesses, custom cable harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies for commercial, industrial, medical, amd military markets.

We offer quality Cable and Wire Solutions and we are known for High Technology Design, Engineering, Prototypes and Custom Harness Tooling.

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Please see below some of our cabling products:

  • Commercial grade and industrial grade wire and cable harnesses
  • Medical wire harnesses, medical cable harnesses
  • MIL Spec wire harnesses, MIL Spec cable harnesses
  • Fiber optic harnesses for low loss and standard loss systems with multi fibers, such as SM, 50µm OM3, OM4, 50µm, 62.5µm, etc.
  • Copper wire harnesses and copper cable harnesses for a very large diversity of connectors
  • Custom molding and strain relief, PCB and electronics encapsulation
  • Complex integrations with customer's equipment
  • Wire harness design, engineering, prototypes, development, manufacturing and tooling
  • Cable harness design, engineering, prototypes, development, manufacturing and tooling

What sets us apart is our dedication to serve our customers with the best quality products at the lowest prices. Our designs dramatically improve performance, are fully compliant with applicable standards and significantly reduce installation times. you can truly count on our decades of experience in manufacturing cable and wire harnesses. Our cable harnesses consist  of various  types and  sizes  of  wire, solder and crimp type terminals and pins, along with various electrical and electronic components specified by our customer.

With many years of experience in designing and manufacturing complex wire harness assemblies and electro-mechanical assemblies we bring extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities on each and every one of our customer projects.

Custom Wire Cable Harness

  • Custom Wire Harnesses
  • Automotive Wiring Harnesses
  • Medical Equipment Cables
  • Power Supply Harnesses
  • Electromechanical Wire Harnesses
  • Industrial Wiring Harnesses
  • Custom Video Cables
  • Alarm Cables
  • Flat-Ribbon Cables
  • Custom Spec Cables & Harnesses


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