Cabling Kits, Kitting Services

Assembly Services and Bundling for Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Military Applications

Multiple location companies, organizations and agencies could significantly cut costs and benefit tremenduosly from cabling kits factory assembled and bundled to meet specific requirements or standardizations. Our company offers kitting services, also known as assembly services or bundling for cabling products and support materials, ranging from the simplest to the most complex or highly customized.

Assembly Services for Cabling Kits

  • Equipment, Hardware
  • Cables
  • Instructions, Wiring Diagrams
  • Installation Tools, Materials, etc

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Our cabling kits address the needs of Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Military customers interested in superior installations with same supplies for every location and minimum efforts and costs.

We serve Data Centers, Hotel Chains, Stores, Point of Sale Chains, Banks and Financial Institutions, Campuses and Educational organizations, Hospitals and Medical Facilities, the Government and the US military. We will ship to every location or we can ship all the cabling kits to an address indicated by the customer.

Custom Kitting Services

Custom kitting, assembly and bundling is one of our specialties. Based on customer's requirements, number of locations, budget and time constraints we will offer you a solution. Please see below the areas where we can be of help:

  • New installation wiring and infrastructure - custom cabling kits and kitting services for patch cords, bulk cable, jacks, patch panels and more
  • Cabling infrastructure upgrades, such as upgrading a cat5 network to a cat7a copper network with structured cabling components
  • Alterations to existing wiring and cabling, including wireless and hybrid solutions
  • Assembly services and bundling for custom computer cables, communications, networking, voice and telephone, digital signage, audio video, TV and more
  • Custom length cable and assemblies, custom labeling, custom tooling
  • Computer upgrades, such as new hardware, new external or internal cabling, etc.
  • Security /CCTV package kitting for new stores or upgrades
  • Promotional & POS material kitting. Monthly promotional & POS materials are packaged and shipped to store locations, arriving precisely before the promotion begins
  • Cabling kit design - we make sure all the elements in your kit are according to your requirements, specifications, applicable compliance standards, etc.
  • Country specific cabling kits, assembled to meet local specifics

Cabling Kit Manufacturing - How we Work

The bundling / kitting process can be fully provided by us or you can ship your desired kit content to our warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina for manufacturing and shipping to the customer's locations. Our assembly services include:

  • Kit inventory - Procurement of equipment, cables, accessories, instructions, installation tools, etc.
  • Custom Labeling and Repacking
  • Cabling Kit assembly and packaging
  • Shipment to customer's locations
  • On-demand cabling kit distribution - cabling kits are built, stored and shipped upon request

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