Cable Tooling, Custom Design

Custom Cabling Tools for Production and Installation

Manufacturing of cables and harnesses would not be possible without tools and testers, and most installations would not be possible without tools and testers. Our company has the capability to address both needs.

We work with leading manufacturers to design and produce cable assembly tooling with superior performance. We are always interested to serve the customer with tools designed to speed up the fabrication, preserve precision and performance, be easy to use and maintain a consistent production.

If you are a cable manufacturer in need of tooling for your product lines, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Regarding molding we believe that the modular tool design is one of the keys to significantly reduce costs. Molded cable assemblies is one of our specialties and many companies come to us for tooling solutions.

Please see below how we can be of help:

Custom Cable Tooling

  • Cable tooling for manufacturing / assembly lines - tools used in cable assembly factories for various types of operations from cutting and stripping to connectorization
  • Cable tooling for molding and strain relief, modular designs for fast configurations and lower costs
  • Precision cable tooling for instrumentation cables, etc.
  • High capacity cutters, strippers, etc.
  • Custom cable or connector tooling for unique or specific application

Cabling and Wiring Installation Tools, Cable Assembly Tools

  • Standard Cable tooling and kits for connector termination in the field
  • Custom tools - custom designs for data, voice and video
  • Cable tooling for twisted pair and flat phone cable
  • Cable Tooling for fiber optic cable
  • Cable Tooling for Coaxial Cable
  • Cable Tooling for Electrical and Industrial Cable
  • Custom Cutters, Scissors, Strippers, Slitters, Crimpers, Punch Down Tools, Flaring and Extraction Tools, Tool Kits, Multi Tools, Fiber Optic Cable Termination Kits
  • Bench and hand tools