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Bulk Cable for Flat Flex Interconnects

Quality Cable for Medical Equipment Assemblies, Consumer Devices, DFP, TV, etc.

We manufacture and market bulk cable for flat flex interconnects, cables, and jumpers in a variety of pitches,  from 0.5mm to 2.5mm. Our distribution center is located in San Diego, California. Our products are attractively priced and of high quality. For more information or to purchase flat flexible cables, Contact us today

We offer:


    -Efficient downsized wiring system
    -Folding  without glue ( type )
    -Can mate with Card-Fit connectors
    -Allow Head ending with different length
    -Available From 3 to 40 conductors
    -Splitting easily 
    -Short lead  time

     0.5 mm Pitch Bulk Flex Flat Cable
     0.8 mm Pitch Bulk Flex Flat Cable
     1.0 mm Pitch Bulk Flex Flat Cable
     1.25 mm Pitch Bulk Flex Flat Cable
     1.5 mm Pitch Bulk Flex Flat Cable
     2.54 mm Pitch Bulk Flex Flat Cable

     0.5 mm Pitch HF-Card Cable
     0.8 mm Pitch HF-Card Cable
     1.0 mm Pitch HF-Card Cable

We also sell bulk flat flex cable from other manufacturers, and a large diversity of flat flexible cable assemblies with connectors from JAE, Molex, FCI, etc.


Sample 0.5mm Flat Flexible Cables

Sample 0.5mm Flat Flexible Cables

Sample 0.5mm Flat Flexible Cable 

Sample 0.8mm Flat Flexible Cables

Sample 0.8mm Flat Flexible Cables 

Sample 0.8mm Flat Flexible Cable 

Sample 1.0mm Flat Flexible Cables

Sample 1.0mm Flat Flexible Cables 

Sample 1.0mm Flat Flexible Cable 


 Our engineering personnel as well as our production and support staff are uniquely qualified to offer you, our customer, not only  top level products but also substantial cost savings. Our price advantage stems from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities we operate in the United Sates, Mexico, and China.



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