Bio-Medical Bulk Cables: Imaging, Diagnostics, Electro-Surgical Devices

As part of our strategic commitment to supporting Medical Device applications in Electro-Surgical, Patient Diagnostics and Medical Imaging, we have developed a range of very high quality Bio-compatible, ISO 10993 or USP Class VI approved bulk cables.

We are proudly offering to the industry Ultra-flexible, light and ISO 10993 Bio-compatible bulk cable, specifically designed for medical device applications such as Imaging, Robot Assisted Surgery, Patient Rehabilitative and a wide range of Diagnostic applications.  We are the technology pioneer to introduce the first ISO 10993 USB 3.0 bulk cable on the market. Hybrid USB 2.0 and Cable with attached Tubing are also available  Moreover, we provide our customers several bulk cables for imaging applications specified to meet the electrical and mechanical requirements of HDMI, Firewire and Displayport.

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USB 3 ISO 10993 Bio Compatible
USB 3.0, ISO 10993 Bio-compatible, Cool Grey

25 ft. roll – 66-00297-25
100 ft. roll – 66-00297-100

Silicone Jacket Biomedical Bulk Cable Medical White Unshielded, 8 X 32 Gauge Conductors
Silicone Jacket Biomedical Bulk Cable,  Medical White,
Unshielded, 8 X 32 Gauge Conductors

25 ft. roll – 66-00300-25
100 ft. roll – 66-00300-100

Imaging Bulk Cable Silicone Jacket Usp Class VI 6 X 30 Gauge TP plus 1 X 28 Gauge TP Conductors
Imaging Bulk Cable, Silicone Jacket Gray, USP Class VI,
6 X 30 Gauge TP +1 X 28 Gauge TP Conductors

25 ft. roll – 66-00307-25
100 ft. roll – 66-00307-100

Imaging Bulk Cable, Hdmi 2.0 With Ethernet, Bio-Medical,
10993  5 X 32 Gauge Shielded TP  + 4 X 32 Gauge, Cool Gray

25 ft. roll – 66-00308-25
100 ft. roll – 66-00308-100

These families of bulk cables can be adapted to fit your unique application and specifications. Our commitment to you is to consistently deliver the highest quality interconnect products. It is this firm dedication to both product quality and service that established us as  unparalleled  technology resource to small OEM's and large multi-nationals alike.

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