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Our company continues to expand upon our current line of OBD II cables (On-Board Diagnostics  / code reader cables)) for the Automotive Services and nascent "Datalogging Device" aftermarket industries. The OBD II connector has long been the standard for providing a diagnostic interface in vehicles.

Our latest addition allows for permanent connection of datalogging equipment while permitting a technician to plug in their OBD II diagnostic instrument without deplugging the cable. Until now if  a service technician wanted to take readings from the OBD II interface that was connected to OBD II datalogging equipment he would need to remove what could be a semi-permanent tied  down connection. With our new OBD connection that will no longer be necessary as the new design provides an external female pass through connector facilitating a non-disrupting connection.

Our experienced sales & engineering staff can assist in the design or manufacturing review of applications that require embedded PCB's or unique custom hardware.

 We hold various U.L. registrations and follow the WHMA / IPC 620 wire processing standard. All our cable manfuacturing facilities have either ISO 9001/2000 or QS 9000 approved quality systems.

OBD II J1962 Cables

    We have a wide variety of OBD II assemblies to suits every need. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality while remaining on the leading edge of this evolving standard.

OBD II Male Straight 8 inch to a Blunt Cut End

Heavy Vehicle J1708 Pin Cables

    When you require high quality diagnostic cables that will withstand the demands of the trucking environment, we are your solution with the most advanced Deutsch cables assemblies available today

Heavy Vehicle J1708 Cables

Heavy Vehicle J1939 Pin Cables

    When you require high quality diagnostic cables that will withstand the demands of the trucking environment, let us be your solution with the most advanced Deutsch cables assemblies available today.


Our OBD II Cables
J1962 Cables

  OBD II Male Straight 8 inch to a Blunt Cut End

OBD II Y Passthrough Male to Female to a Blunt Cut End

  OBDII Passthrough Male to 2 Females Screw Mount Style

  OBD II Male Right Angle 8 inch to a Blunt Cut End

OBD II Female to a Blunt Cut End

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What is OBD-II?

OBD-II / OBD2 / OBD 2 is a system used in automobiles to monitor various components of the vehicle, detect  malfunctions, and store the information in the vehicle's on-board computer to be recovered later by a service technician. OBD-II is an acronym for on-board diagnostics; the "II" denotes the  second and most current version of this technology. Beginning in the late 1970s, vehicles sold in the United States have been equipped with electronics to control various systems and diagnose  malfunctions with the goal of minimizing pollution. This came about in response to Congress passing the Clean Air Act and establishing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970.  These electronics varied between manufacturers and model years, making the retrieval of diagnostic information potentially costly and time-consuming.

 In 1988, the EPA and California's Air Resources Board (CARB) mandated that vehicle manufacturers include self-diagnosing  programs to ensure that their emissions equipment would remain effective for the vehicle's service life. The Society of Automotive  Engineers standardized a connector plug and a set of diagnostic test signals. Upon equipment failure, this system illuminated a  malfunction indicator light (MIL) on the vehicle's dashboard, often called the "check engine" light. This system, required in all 1991 and newer automobiles, became known as on-board diagnostics I, or OBD-I.

CARB studies soon concluded that OBD-I systems would not detect emissions components unless they completely failed, and  that in some cases the vehicle could still pass an emissions test. New laws and requirements went into effect on 1 January 1996  - the standard adopted for OBD-II. Every vehicle built for sale in the U.S. from that date is equipped with OBD-II.

 OBD-II uses various sensors throughout the car to provide the computer, also called an electronic control module (ECM) with  information such as engine and ambient temperatures, vehicle speed, and so on. The ECM then advances or retards ignition  timing and adds or subtracts fuel accordingly. It also tests the signals of all attached sensors. When a signal is missing or out of  spec, the OBD-II system illuminates the MIL and stores a corresponding diagnostic trouble code its memory.

 The information from the OBD-II memory is read through a connector inside the auto. OBD-II improves on OBD-I not only in its  more sophisticated diagnostic abilities, but also in that it allows three types of data to be read: trouble codes, real-time data - the  raw sensor information reported to the OBD-II computer, and freeze-frame data - a "snapshot" of sensor data at the moment the  car's MIL went on. OBD-II codes are read using cables and software built to communicate with OBD-II systems. These can take the form of stand-alone units or software that is installed on a PC.







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